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Hello to all of you,

We hope you are well.

It is with great joy that we introduce to you our brand new programme:


What is it all about? It is the personal initiative of one of our community members, Remi. He started his blog JOURNAL POSITIF in 2018 with the aim of educating people about HIV and AIDS, to stop the discrimination and stigma that is still attached to it.

This blog is based on his personal story. Many of us were moved by reading his journey so far, that's why the GLOBAL STEWARDS EMEA team have decided to join forces with JOURNAL POSITIF to fight against serophobia.

Throughout November, until December 1st (World AIDS Day), we will be sharing content with you to alert, educate and challenge false beliefs. Maybe, we will even change the world a little. All this content will be available on Remi's blog and you will be able to choose from French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese to access it.

We hope that you take on board the information that Remi and the team have spent time building and that you will be sensitive to the cause we wish to educate you on.

And now it's time to watch our intro video.

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