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Hi everyone,

I hope you are well.

For our last newsletter to celebrate World Aids Day I wanted to say a few words.

First of all, I hope that throughout November you have been sensitive to our beautiful project, that you have learned new things about HIV & AIDS and serophobia. As you have seen, we have made sure that we have a comprehensive programme to raise awareness and we are very happy with the feedback we have had so far.

I would now like to thank all the people who have made this project possible….All the GLOBAL STEWARDS, all the people who translated the content, the people from Top Management who validated our project and thus made it possible to make visible in our professional sphere a socially important and little highlighted subject.

It is important to remember that this initiative would not have been possible if I had not had this support. So thank you all.

Now you have a new resource that may one day prove useful in your lives, and I hope you will refer to it if the need arises.

If you would like to become more involved in supporting the cause of HIV & AIDS, please contact your GLOBAL STEWARDS who will undoubtedly be able to refer you to organisations. Making a donation is the easiest way to support this cause, however, associations often lack volunteers and perhaps you would have a little time to devote to them.

Do not hesitate to share your feelings about our project.

We have put all our heart into it, and we hope, I hope, that it has touched you.

It is not impossible that you will hear from us again soon for new content and actions. I look forward to engaging with you,

Happy WORLD AIDS DAY to all of you.

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