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Hello and welcome,

It took me a long time to dare to launch myself.

All it took was one click for the machine to start working and for all my fears to dissipate in favour of something more important than myself.

Why should I start writing a blog at 33? What do I have that's so important to tell that justifies "hogging" the web for it?

I have been HIV positive for 10 years. I decided to tell you my story. My story is the story of many others.

Why? To fight against a simple thing: SEROPHOBIA.

I will try, using my experiences as a pretext, to help you understand what serophobia is, but also to tell you how I live my seropositivity today, without a filter and in all benevolence.

Obviously, the aim is to change the way people think about living with HIV and to finally be able to talk about it without fear of being rejected.

All that I will share is obviously my own.

I hope that we can move forward together. I hope that this adventure with you will be beautiful.

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